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2019 WRS Changes/Reminders

Briggs & Stratton Racing Engines

There Are Several Notable Changes For 2019 and Some Reminders That We Wanted To Highlight.

  • Race dates – March 1st  (allowing backdating) through October 20th.
  • Each club in good standing* will have access to purchase a 5,000 Watt generator which currently retails for $850 for $350 DELIVERED (below cost) or a 2,200 PSI Pressure Washer which currently retails for $350 for $200 DELIVERED (below cost) for a fundraising item or banquet giveaway.  Our inventory will determine which unit we will offer.  If both units are available it will be up to each track which they would like to purchase. OCTOBER 1st we will begin reaching out to track contacts.
  • Racers can participate in more than one class at the same track or club BUT only their top total score will be eligible for a prize (multiple prizes will not be awarded to any one racer at a single track or club).   IF a racer competes at two DIFFERENT tracks or clubs then they will be eligible for multiple prizes based on their final points.
  • 2019 Classes:  Junior 1, Junior 2, Junior Spec, Senior Spec, Senior, Senior Medium, Senior Heavy, Masters, Woman’s 206.
  • Final national rankings will now determine prizes.
  • Prizes will go to 100th place.
  • Points calculations (a reminder from 2018):
  • Senior/Masters points will now be based off of 11 karts verses 10 and Juniors 10 karts verses 7 karts for max points.
  • REMINDER of our Bonus Category – We are now award the winner of the pre-final on a WRS race an extra .25 of a point.  Tracks make sure to circle or identify your pre-final winner to gain this bonus!
    • This provides continued incentive going into the final races for competitors who might find themselves in a points tie.
  • Final tie-breaker – In case of a tie, if total points accumulated in the ‘finishing position’ category does not determine a winner, the ACTUAL number of karts finished ahead of for your 7 races will be used.