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Briggs and Stratton’s history in racing dates back to the early 1930’s when visionaries, like Cannonball Baker, saw the need to manufacture Briggs powered scaled midgets to promote and grow racing at the grassroots level.

Today, Briggs & Stratton Racing is a full-time division focused solely on supporting the racing community through a line of engineered racing engines, each built by hand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series allows us to promote, support and give back to our local racers.

A special thanks to RLV, whose commitment and support to the karting community includes running the nuts and bolts of this program. It is simply above and beyond by a standup company who shares our passion for the sport.

I would also like to thank Amsoil and our PowerSmart Inverter Generator group for their continued support. With every purchase of Briggs & Stratton 4T you are not only buying the BEST oil engineered for our race engines you are supporting this program. If you need a whisper quiet portable generator give our PowerSmart line-up a look! I own one and can personally say they are AWESOME!

Lastly thanks to SNAPPER for coming on board to highlight their new line of cordless, portable lithium power tools.  I have a total bundle myself and the power, battery life, and quiet operation are a real joy.  There is nothing like cutting a tree down at 6 am on a Sunday and the only sound is from the chain and the tree hitting the ground.

David Klaus
Director – Briggs and Stratton Racing

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